Dragons of Blood and Water

An entry for the November Ronnies. In the last outpost of order in a world fallen into chaos, the Shaper Familes make Dragons from Mud to defend themselves from the Unmakers.

When the grandsires of the grandsires of our grandsires were young, there was a world.

Now, there is just the Valley and the River.

The world was consumed by the Unmakers. The peoples of the world fled before this terrible storm. A lucky few ? so few ? found the Valley, and there they hid as the skies boiled, as the mountains birthed slimy horrors, as things made of stripped bone and bile stalked the land.

For a time, there was no hope.

A child played in the mud in the Valley by the banks of the river. She made a dragon out of the mud, and it came to life. The next day, her family came to the river bank and made a bigger dragon. It too came to life.

And so hope was born out of the mud.

When the Unmakers came to the valley, the first dragon rose up to stop them. The child?s family became the first family of Shapers.

Others came to the river and made their own mud effigies. Those who mastered the art became Shapers; others sheltered beneath the wings of the dragons? and became the Settlers.

For all of history, this has been the way of things. The Settlers till the fertile land of the Valley, Shaper families make dragons from the River mud, and the dragons battle the great Unmakers when they attack.

But each year, the Unmakers come a little closer, and the Valley grows smaller.

One day, the dragons will be turned on each other.


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