This game is about changing the world. It’s about fighting for something you believe in and care about and either saving it or seeing it destroyed. In this game, the characters are not dropped into a gigantic setting full of places and enemies the players will never face. Every facet of this game is there to be challenged or supported by the players during play. You want to overthrow the Queen?

Go for it. You want to stabilize the social situation of the city? You can. Want to discover the secrets of the ancient places of the world? That’s totally within your grasp. The setting of this game is there to get torn apart and rebuilt by the players according to their vision for it. The GM (Game

Master) is liberated to use anything mentioned in the setting section or serve up any NPC to the players as a challenge. Regard nothing as sacrosanct in this game. Playing Dreadsands means challenging yourself to find something you like or don’t like and making it better. Canon is a dead word here.


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    Yet another brilliant post on your part, when are you not going to post something superior huh? jk, rock on!