Troy Costisick


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

This game is about changing the world. It’s about fighting for something you believe in and care about and either saving it or seeing it destroyed. In this game, the characters are not dropped into a gigantic setting full of places and enemies the players will never face. Every facet of this game is there to be challenged or supported by the players during play. You want to overthrow the Queen?

Go for it. You want to stabilize the social situation of the city? You can. Want to discover the secrets of the ancient places of the world? That’s totally within your grasp. The setting of this game is there to get torn apart and rebuilt by the players according to their vision for it. The GM (Game

Master) is liberated to use anything mentioned in the setting section or serve up any NPC to the players as a challenge. Regard nothing as sacrosanct in this game. Playing Dreadsands means challenging yourself to find something you like or don’t like and making it better. Canon is a dead word here.

The G.A.M.E System

Friday, February 4th, 2011

The GAME System is a set of mechanics that includes character creation, character advancement, and resolution released under Creative Commons 3.0. The GAME System is intended to serve as a foundational set of rules for RPGs that want to promote tactical, goal-driven play. Designers are free to modify the text and use it for any purpose-even comercial production-so long as attribution is given to its original creator: Troy Costisick.

The Sword and the Skull

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

This game is about exploring the three-way pull of Destiny, Duty, and Fate- our individual desires vs. our corporate responsibilities. The tug that we feel from our families, our jobs, our friends, and our supervisors is often compatible with the tug we feel from our ambitions, desires, dreams, and aspirations…and sometimes they are not.

In those moments, when we are faced with a choice, which gets priority? Our desires or our duty? The Knights of Arathess are faced with this choice over and over as they fight for their king and fight for their yearnings.

Hunter Rose

Friday, December 17th, 2010

This game sets the players in medieval France on the border with Germany. It is a mythic time when vampires, werewolves, and demons walk about. Nestled in a small valley, the Huntsmen fight against nightmarish forces to protect their little village.

The Holmes and Watson Committee

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

The Holmes and Watson Committee is about creating your own mysteries adventures as you play. Players are given power over the plot to guide the clues and information towards a villain of their own choosing. The game is loosely based off the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. While some homage is paid to the intrepid duo, this game is not about celebrating the ingenious works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Instead, the villains, tropes, and atmosphere of Victorian England are put at the players’command to do with as they please. The point of the game is to solve the mystery, collect the reward, and eventually match wits with the likes of the infamous Professor Moriarty.

The Situation:

As mentioned, all the PCs in The Holmes and Watson Committee are Detectives. They all also work together for a detective agency called ?The Holmes and Watson Committee? located at 221b Baker Street. The apartment that you use for your offices used to belong to a couple guys named Holmes and Watson, but their exploits were mostly unheralded. They left the biz and you and your compatriots snatched it up at a cheap price. You?ve been working there for about a year now.

In the wake of several crime sprees, Scotland Yard has come to recognize the private detectives? fledgling skills. Official ?detective committees? have been authorized all over the city of London. Detectives that serve in these special committees (like yours) have official Police clearance in all public buildings and have law enforcement authority while on a case.

Scotland Yard will offer assistance to you if you can produce enough evidence to convict the villain. However, you are looking for your first big case. The one that will open up the gates that hold back the flood of customers who are in desperate need of your assistance.

The object of the game is to eventually take on the infamous Professor Moriarty in a case. However, the PCs will have to take down several of his henchmen in order to work their way up to the top. A single game of The Holmes and Watson Committee will last four sessions. Each session will take about 2 hours to play- and yes, they are timed. This includes generating your character in the beginning, but since your first case is an easy one, you should be able to get them both done in the space of two hours.

Stand Off!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Stand Off! is a high-stakes, high-impact game of Soviet super spies caught in a trap. The players each begin with guns pointed at each other and the nerve-wracking task of finding the traitor without getting shot first. This game could almost be compared to an intense, high-stakes version of Clue. Stand Off! is an entry in the November 25 Ronny Awards contest sponsored by Adept Press.

Pressure… it?s something we all deal with. Sometimes it drives us insane. Sometimes it drives us to succeed. In Stand Off! it drives us to kill.

What this game is about.

This game is about tension, pressure, stress all boiled down into a single, high-impact event. Set in the 198?s at the height of the Cold War, the players and their characters are slammed into a high-stakes situation where the tension mounts with each passing second. The object of the game is very simple: Live!

What the characters do.

The characters in this game are all Soviet super-spies stationed in and around the Texas research facilities during the 198?s. The Soviet Union was beginning to collapse and Premier Gorbachev ordered that the secret American plans for the U.S. Star Wars program to be stolen at any costs. Anyone who retrieved this information would be handsomely rewarded. The characters in this game are highly trained, crack spies who are the best the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have to offer. There was no doubt at the Kremlin that this group of spies would accomplish their mission. They were the nonpareil. Until something went wrong. The game begins where it went wrong.

What the players do.

The players in Stand Off! must take on the persona of their character. You are the spy you play. To begin, each player will be given a stack of tokens. These tokens are the currency the players use to add Facts to the Situation. Players take turns adding Facts hopefully convincing the other players that they are not at fault for what went wrong. The Moderator (or GM) for Stand Off! ensures that the tension level is constantly on the rise, and that the pressure put on the players and characters is intense and tangible.


Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Hierarchy is a game for large groups of people. It is set in a psuedo-Japanese world where the Emporer and his lords constantly jostle for control of the empire. All players are responsible to be GM’s at some point and take the risk of putting thier honor on the line. This game was a submission in the Ronny Award Contest of October 25 run by Adept Press.

Hierarchy is an engaging roleplaying game for groups of 8 to 15 people. It is set in a very pseudo-Japanese fantasy world where the Emperor reigns with iron authority, but is always in danger of being usurped. The key to Hierarchy is conflict. If you can overcome the obstacles you put before yourself, then you will advance and win the game. To win, you must become the undisputed Emperor of Fhen (the world in which this game is set). Conflict and contention are built heavily into this game. The player who helps you one moment, will turn on you the next. Danger and heroism lurk around every corner.


Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Cutthroat is a Gamist RPG where players take on the role of 197’s bikers. The object is to become the Top Dog of your Gang and dominate all the other players. This game is an entry in the inaugural “Ronny awards” being sponsored by Adept Press.

The game is about dominating your fellow player-characters through coercion and force. You take on the role of an early 197?s biker gang member. The object is to become the undisputed Top Dog of the Gang. This is accomplished by using your opponent?s vices and weakness against him, as well as using your talents and assets to assist yourself. Humor is definitely a part of the game, so play up on the stereotypes and mythos surrounding biker gangs. It is possible for play to become contentious at times, but no one stays on top for very long. Be cool, let things go, and see how they play out.