DUNGEON SQUAD – Yet Another Variant

I’ve got yet another variant set of rules for Dungeon Squad – this one tries to replicate the class abilities and powers of characters from D&D 3.5 and 4.0. I’d like to get the word out as much as possible. There’s also a link to it (and more) on my website: dominowriting.com/games.html

The rules are the same as in the original Dungeon Squad except as listed.

Character Generation

Assign d4, d8 and d12 to Warrior, Wizard and Explorer as normal. Each character also begins with 15 Hit Points.

If you are using miniatures figures and battle maps from other RPGs, each figure moves 30 feet (six spaces) per turn. Spells, bows and other ranged attacks have a maximum distance of 100 feet (20 spaces). You can even account for cover and difficult terrain, if you want to make this simple game more complex.

“Stuff Dice”
In DSYAV, you assign your “Stuff Dice” (the d6 and d10) to special abilities from the list below. These include and replace the Swords, Bows, Armor and Magic Spells information listed in the normal rules.

If the GM allows it, you can use the “expensive gear” +1 rank rule to represent skills or magic items that aren’t special abilities found below. Remember, you can only carry four items of equipment with a dice value, including special abilities in the form of a piece of equipment.

Each character also begins with a small weapon (a staff or dagger or punch) doing d4 damage, which does not count against the equipment you can carry. Characters start with 10 gold pieces, most often spent on an Adventurer’s Kit, since weapons and armor are included in the special ability lists.


One Response to “DUNGEON SQUAD – Yet Another Variant”

  1. bal3000 Says:

    Short and sweet and perhaps the most compact version of ” The World’s Most Popular RPG”, I have ever seen. Most certainly succeeded were I failed with DS – Alternate and Advanced. Excellent stuff. Maybe you should have tried for a ONE page DS + character sheet :)