Escape from Prince Charming

Escape from Prince Charming is based on the traditional fairy tale. The players take on the roles of fair princesses, seeking to escape their fate and risking their lives and the lives of others to escape it. But like the fairy tale, the endings have already been written, it’s only a matter of finding which one you get. It is also the appetizer in the Full Course of Love and Death.

This RPG is the first in the Full Course of Love and Death. As an appetizer it prepares the players for the main courses to come. As such it need not be played with any special constraints for enjoyment of the full course. Instead just pick characters and begin playing. When you are done, any character, human or otherwise who died can be played in Someone to Love, the first of the main courses. Like all games in this Full Course, Escape from Prince Charming is intended for five players.

As a game designed for Iron Game Chef 26, it is necessary to discuss the allotments made for that contest. Indeed, for the theme of time, Escape from Prince Charming fulfills the three sessions of 3 hours each requirement. And it uses the following contest terms: Glass, Committee, and Ancient.


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