Five by Five

Five by Five (fīv-bī-fīv)

1. In radio communication on a scale of 1 to 5 measuring signal strength and clarity, “Five by Five” indicates the best possible strength and clarity of signal.

2. Condition or state of being the best you can be; perfect. (slang)

Five by Five (fīv-bī-fīv)

1. An original game system and RPG Toolkit by Jeff Moore.

Five by Five is a “choose your trait” style RPG that makes unique use of six-sided dice to create an easy to learn and easy to play universal task resolution system. The game is meant to be flexible enough to satisfy a variety of settings and easy enough to pick up and play right away.

The core of the Five by Five game system is the 5×5 die roll. Players roll two dice (counting any result of 6 as zero) and multiply the results. This basic mechanic gives an average unskilled person around a 30% chance of success and each ranks of skill improves this chance by 5 and a half percent.

The game includes sample adventures for both a fantasy setting and a superhero game, example characters and a character sheet.


5 Responses to “Five by Five”

  1. SilentSquirrel Says:

    I took a few days to look this over, and I think it’s quite good. 5×5 reminds me a lot of S. John Ross’ Risus rpg, only with a bit more crunch. This system would be great for both pick-up games and long-running campaigns (with the right GM). There’s certainly room for munchkinism with the Traits section, but any GM worth his salt can keep unscrupulous players in check. Overall, one of my favorite games here at 1km1kt. Nice work!

  2. Jeff Moore Says:

    Thanks for the feed back. Let me know if you get a chance to try the system at the table top and how it plays for you. I’d love to hear about it.


  3. Keeton Says:

    Hi guys! Just a quick note to let everyone know that I removed the download file from this page. It looks like Jeff is making a serious run at commercial publication and has asked me to take down the free version.

    Good luck to you Jeff!

  4. Keeton Says:

    Welcome back Jeff!

  5. Jeff Moore Says:

    Five by Five is available again! This is version 3 completed in June 2013!