Powers-Brawl RPG

Powers-Brawl is the RPG of superhero battles with the emphasis on POWERS! Creating a character is as simple as choosing a few powers. There are no points to spend or attributes to roll… just select some powers and start playing right away! Players who are not sure what kinds of characters they want can even roll some powers randomly and be ready to play in moments with no prior exposure to the rules.

Combat resolution uses standard 6 sided dice and is simple enough that each player can control multiple heroes or villains. Characters can advance during play improving existing powers and adding new ones allowing for an ongoing gaming campaign with the same characters lasting as long as the players desire.

For players in a game of super powered heroes, what one element about their characters is the most important? It’s the POWERS!

Powers-Brawl is a combat oriented miniatures game based on the battles of super powered comic book heroes and villains. Players can create characters and battle head to head or one player can take the role of the Referee shaping the story in an imaginary game world where the other players work cooperatively to defeat evil.

In a 2-player head to head brawl, each player can control up to 3 characters a piece. In a game controlled by a referee, any number of players will possess 1 character each and will compete against collections of villains controlled by the referee.

Characters are comprised of Values and Powers.

Values serve as a template for all characters and come in two forms: Action Values and Opposition Values. Action Values modify die rolls when you attempt to do something. Opposition Values represent how difficult it is to do something. Values can become temporarily damaged during combat but base values do not vary from one player character to another.

Powers vary for every character. They will continue to grow and evolve through play making the character more versatile and effective each time you play.


3 Responses to “Powers-Brawl RPG”

  1. Aaron White Says:

    I remember Jeff Moore saying somewhere that he wanted Powers Brawl to be just as much fun as a table top miniatures game, as well as handling an RPG session if needed. I think that this more than fills the role. Another bonus to the game is that it is a balanced “versus” engine, allowing you to have fair fights between your favourite super heroes. If wearing a caped costume is your gig, check this out – you will not regret it.

  2. Pete Jones Says:

    Well written and alot of work has gone into these rules. Look forward to trying them out. Thanks.

  3. Dimitri Says:

    This looks great, from what I have seen so far.