Force Battles

In the threads of society there still remains one outpost of hope, the Force. In it, there is good, and there is bad. But will good survive the bad, or is the bad given haven in the sights of their onslaught? In the grievous remains, only the strong heart and the willful mind will prevail. Will you be the next victim, or will you conquer your enemies sight unseen? Embrace the Force and use it to your will, there is plenty left in the Galaxy for both good and evil, but only one shall prevail.


3 Responses to “Force Battles”

  1. Paul Lopez Says:

    Minor addendum: Any Hit Die or Block Die that is 12 or above automatically misses.

  2. brandon Says:

    nice man im lad ur expanding battles its a tight game man.:)

  3. brandon Says:

    im glad ur epanding battles man its a tight game.:)