FREYO exists as a SINGLE page RPG containing both rules AND character sheet together (with a handy blank side for all those important campaign notes!). FREYO is an OMNI-GENRE game (I.E. – a “clothes horse”. Hang any setting you like on it.). FREYO is free to use as you please (unless you aim to make $$$ from it or want to claim it as your own creation.In which case put it back where you found it!!).

…and that’s all FREYO is.I like it. I hope you do to!


  • Any action may be decided by rolling 2d6 and adding the scores together. This is called the TASK roll.
  • This total is compared to the numerical value of the ability most relevant to the action at hand.
  • Success is achieved if the total rolled is LOWER than the numerical value of the ability.
  • Each point that the TASK roll is lower than the ability is considered 1 success, thus the lower the roll is in relation to the ability?s value means the greater the level of success achieved.
  • The exception to this is were an ability has a value of 2, in which case a roll of 2 counts as 1 success.
  • Occasionally the rolls are HINDERED. A HINDERED TASK roll has an additional die rolled and the 2 highest rolls are added together with the lowest roll discarded. Circumstances which HINDER rolls can stack.
  • Should someone or something be deliberately acting against the character?s action then the TASK roll is OPPOSED. Both sides make the TASK roll and the most number of successes rolled is the winner.
  • TASK ROLL examples include- FORCE – lifting, climbing, jumping. RESIST – hold breath, avoid disease. REACT – riding, balancing, dodging. AWARE – listen, spotting. IMPOSE – charm, seduce, bully. OPPOSE – resisting IMPOSE TASKS.


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