Bad Day CA

Its been a long day. The first place you find yourself going when you get home is the bed. You hear the scratching of some sort of animals at your door, you hear something chirping at your windows, you hear something knocking around your trashcans, you hear the dull sound of fists beating at your walls. They must still be outside. As these un-comforting sounds fly around your room and thoughts; one thought emerges. “I never should of moved to california”

Common knowledge is that its currently summer. since i have not had to do any intense work for awhile I have slipped out of sight or sound and actually have not gotten anything done (Meaning “The Looking Glass” may be on the shelf for awhile, and other projects….maybe). I really had to get up and write something. Suprisingly, i actually got inspired by one of the most boring things possible. I pulled up, and looked at the archive of free games. Not actually clicking on anything. just looking at the names. Then it hit me what i could fire off a quick 1 pager about. By the power of window shopping (And viking metal, all hail dragonforce!) I actually think i can get a good 1 page rpg out.

The point of the game is simple. You live in California, and all hell breaks loose. And the goal is to simply…. survive one day; being the worst possible day ever. Literally the game is about turning the DMs flock of gamers into ping pong balls for the DM to swat around. The players will find themselves running from B-movie and modern movie monsters (the movie “8 legged freaks” comes to mind as what made me think of this), along with surviving natural and not so natural disasters, and whatever god or whatever deity exists throws at you.


A character must survive 24 game hours. in short: a day. sounds simple still? surviving masses of disasters and hundreds of monsters, and other things athat go bump in the night.

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