You’ve been screwed…

At least one person wants you dead…

The only people you almost trust are people who don’t necessarily trust you…

but you’ve got skills and talents that might just get you through…

…might just let you get some revenge…

…and might let you achieve your destiny.

An easy to learn game for 3 to 6 lowlifes; requiring a few six sided dice, some scraps of paper and no preparation time.


7 Responses to “FUBAR”

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  2. Josh Says:

    The font used is appalling. I can’t read the rules.

  3. Michael Wenman Says:

    You’re not the first person to complain about the font…but then again, a lot of people have commented about it positively.

    I’ll be generating up a newly formatted version of the game shortly, a little longer and a few more play examples…and I’ll stick to a more conventional font, in a horizontal configuration rather than the current diagonals. This should improve readability.

  4. Josh Says:

    Awesome. I look forward to it.

  5. Aiki Says:

    I was pointed to this game by a thread over on RPG.net about modern takes on cyberpunk. Unfortunately the layout of this game is so annoying that I will never read it.

    Is there something wrong with readable fonts that aren’t layed out so I have to get a crick in my neck to read them?

  6. Joseph Collins Says:

    The font is annoying but the game is well worth the read. I’m looking forward to a version with more play examples but on a first read I think that this is an absolutely fantastic effort; the system of building up the story and the protagonists’ roles within it is bute, as is the way that all actions are boiled down to a simple resolution of ‘do I gain any advantage and what does it cost me’. I intend to give this a test flight ASAP.

  7. Michael Wenman Says:

    For those who are looking for a more readable (and slightly updated) version of this game, see Walkabout on the Vulpinoid Studios website. http://www.vulpinoid.com/walkabout.html