Generic Fantasy Quest Game

You and a few of your friends have decided to become adventurers. Why? I don’t know. Ask yourselves! You know better than I. So where will you go? What will you do? Who will you find or fight along the way? And why? I don’t know. Ask your GM! He has all the answers.


3 Responses to “Generic Fantasy Quest Game”

  1. adonies Says:

    Nice try, Nicholas. Too many pages for the amount of content, still an almost concrete foundation for RPG setup.

    However, there are some things that your proposal does not cover:
    a. Charisma is a pretty useless stat, unless the GM creates specific tests for it.
    b. What is the roll for the offensive spells? Is any armor used, if at all?
    c. How is the distance computed on the grid, so that distance travelled per turn is not greater than Dex+1? Also for weapon/item/skill range computations?
    d. How is energy replenished? Also stamina, for that matter.
    e. Manouvers and Trick Shots need some explanation for their connection to the normal attack roll. Is this the same d6 or another? etc.

  2. Nicholas Says:

    A: That is as it was meant to be. Charisma has no real use in battle.
    B: They use the same roll as a weapon. They treat armor the same way, unless the spell has a diffrent effect on it
    C: No diagonals
    D: Personally, I restore 1/4 of max to each after each battle, but it is up to the GM.
    E: Same d6.

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Coming back almost 3 years later… Man this was a piece of crap!