Get Out, Get Away, Get Wise, Get Back, Get Even

Get Out, Get Away, Get Wise, Get Back, Get Even is a game about running for your life. It is inspired by movies such as The Fugitive, North By Northwest and The Thirty-Nine Steps.

This game was written in 24 hours, starting at 2pm on 1 September 25 and ending before 2pm on 11 September 25.

It is an entry for Ron Edwards? ?Ronnies? competition, which challenged the entrants to design a roleplaying game based on two of the following words: Suburb, Hatred, Girlfriend and Rat. I chose Suburb and Hatred.

The idea of narrating a story with a known ending is stolen from Paul Czege?s game My Life With Master. Many other things are stolen from that game too.

The structure of the chase story is stolen from Joseph Campbell?s ?Hero?s Journey? story structure, outlined in his book ?The Hero with a Thousand Faces?. I learnt the structure from Christopher Vogler?s book ?The Writer?s Journey?.


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