Holodomor… the great famine. The turn of 1932 – 33 , the darkest winter of Ukrainian history. It is estimated that nearly eight million Ukrainian people starved. Unbelievable suffering was laid upon the peasants, and unimaginable atrocities were committed, which crippled a nation for a generation to come.

Some thoughts

I consider, you know everything about roleplaying, and I do not want to bore you with lengthy descriptions, or texts about the nature of roleplaying. If you don’t know what roleplaying is, you will not understand this game.

This game was written for the 25 November Ronnie awards, and uses the keywords Soviet and Mud.

I am Hungarian, so I have never lived in the Soviet Union, I have only been living in a much lighter socialist regime, under much more humane leaders. I was 1 years old, when the Soviet Union collapsed, but it was enough to get a glimpse of the twisted logic of the system.

Originally communism was a utopia, an experiment, to create the most just society, based on the equal distribution of material wealth, and on total equality and on the rule of the worker class. However it soon turned into the nightmarish absolute rulership of bloody handed dictators, the rule of mindless terror, and total oppression of the mind and body.

This game is about probably the saddest chapter of the Soviet Union’s history, the Holodomor in Ukraine, a man – made famine which claimed several millions of lives. I can not imagine the true horror of this famine, I doubt anyone can. Nevertheless, this is a sad game. It is about survival, which is usually a dirty process. It is about humanity, and the lack of it. It is about morals, about what you are willing to sacrifice for your own life and what you will not. It is about fighting against the odds, and doing the impossible.

What to say? “Enjoy it!” would seem contradictory. “Think about it!” is much more appropriate.


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