I Think My Girlfriend Hates Me

It’s a game about what happens when your girlfriend decides she’d rather kill you than break up.

The Boy, portrayed by the Player. He’s a pretty run of the mill shmuck, most noticeable for his considerable lack of knowledge of what his girlfriends feels about or does to him.

The Girlfriend, portrayed by the GM. She’s one of those girls that just won’t step out of a bad thing no matter how much she hates it, paired with a tendency to not take her meds. This leads to tonight’s entertainment…


2 Responses to “I Think My Girlfriend Hates Me”

  1. mr. cooper Says:

    boooreg in the hood with chili dogs

  2. fakey.info | Éminence Grise Says:

    […] could use some of the ideas from I think my girlfriend hates me only in reverse – the bureaucrats are trying to manipulate the minister (played by the GM) […]