Lucidity is a game about dreaming. In the world of Lucidity, for reasons unknown, what people dreamed started to become real. But, for the most part, people didn’t realize that it was happening. The characters are lucid dreamers in a world made out of dreams. Can they save the world from this menace? Or do they even want to?

Lucidity is a 24-hour RPG. That means that all the actual work was done in 24 Hours. The idea for the game was bouncing around in my head for a couple of days before I actually sat down and Took the Challenge, but all of the typing, editing, and layout was done during the 24 hour period of Wednesday, June 27, 2007.

This is not my first RPG. This is not even my first 24-hour RPG. I’m also the William Prahl of N/ AI, a really cool digital-themed pen and paper RPG. I can’t bear to look at the thing now, but it’s still on the web. I have, in the past, tried and failed to create games with no time constraint, and most of them have ended in failure. Let’s hope this one joins N/AI on the very short list of games I have finished.


2 Responses to “Lucidity”

  1. teckno72 Says:

    1. Lucidity is a fine game. You should be proud, if you aren’t already.
    2. This is the kind of game that I’ve been looking for. Good genre & Simple, but detailed, if ran correctly.
    3. Have you thought about doing a Lucidity 2.0? Just wondering.
    4. Was there parts of it you didn’t publish?
    5. Is it based after the world’s gone kerplooey?
    I downloaded it. I like it. Thanks.

  2. teckno72 Says:

    I’ve written a review of Lucidity for :)