MACE: A One Page RPG

MACE is a one page RPG in the classical (old school) style. The default rules seem to indicate a Fantasy Setting, but Skills are included that represent Sci-Fi or other genre possibilities. Skills are customizable, so the possibilities are as unlimited as the players’ imaginations. Materials needed for play are 6d6 (max) per player. Poker chips or other Tokens may be desired to represent Fate but are not mandatory. The sheet is designed so that every player has access to the rules along with their character sheet. Game is not play-tested and takes some previous experience with role-playing to interpret. Enjoy and comment with questions and concerns. If you do play MACE, let me know how it went.


5 Responses to “MACE: A One Page RPG”

  1. ravensron Says:

    I absolutely love rpgs that DON’T have 300 pages of rules. There’a a gem here, but it’s still uncut. Of course any one-page rule set presumes the reader understands rpgs in general and the common fantasy tropes in particular. Even with that, these rules were too vague. There’s no hint at all of how to do magic – which is what makes a fantasy rather than a historical simulation. The one glaring problem I see is that once a character has acquired any amount of “levels” in a skill (and it’s not clear, are additional “plusses” added to the D6 roll or do you get an additional die per “plus”?), they will almost always have the highest die show a 6, so almost all contests between characters and appropriate challenges/foes will be a tie.

  2. witchking20k Says:

    Great little game.

  3. Pole Dancing Says:

    Great work over again! I am looking forward for more updates=)

  4. Stacie Says:

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  5. Matt Wall Says:

    I apologize for taking so long to reply to these comments.

    It’s been a little while since I put this game up on 1km1kt. I appreciate the positive response. I have since been working on other projects, but I will be glad to update with rules clarifications for MACE, provided there is a demand for them and that I know specifically what questions need to be answered. I will address what has been asked already:

    @ravensron Magic is dealt with the same way as any other skill. The idea is that wizards are not special. They get the same amount of skill points as other characters. So, to cast a spell, select a related Magic skill and roll it as described in the rules above.

    The “pop” mechanic allows you to spend one Fate chip to reroll all sixes in a die roll

    The game is not playtested. I would be pleased beyond measure to hear the experiences of a gaming group. At present, mine is playing Legend of the Five Rings. To be clear, this was a thought experiment more than an attempt at a polished game. I will play it perhaps if I have the chance, but I believe I have already expanded this mechanic into a new, more serviceable system that is more focused on narrative while maintaining the same level of “crunch” that is present in MACE.

    Thank you all for your comments. I will try to answer any further questions.