Fishing Battles

I tell you it was THIS big!!!  Catch fish at an alarming rate as the Ticker ticks time on by.  Catch Huge Fish, Small Fish, Large Fish and Sharks.  Played with just 3D6 per player, families and kids, as well as adults and supervisors, will love this game.  The are no extra playing pieces except for 3 six-sided dice per person and there’s no limit on how many people can battle it out.  The person with the most Small Fish Standard stacked together wins!  I hope you enjoy my game, I enjoyed making it.

Paul Lopez


2 Responses to “Fishing Battles”

  1. michiel Says:

    Hi Paul,
    it sounds nice. But I really don’t get the whole picture. Are you supposed to boast or bluff about your catch, or is it just throwing the dice and looking who gets the most/biggest?

  2. Callan S. Says:

    Drama typically rests on someone getting more than someone else.