In just one page, MULRAH (My Universal Lite Roleplaying Adventure Heuristic) integrates and streamlines the best elements of acclaimed generic RPG core systems, primarily PDQ and FATE. MULRAH marries the “everything is a character” concept from FATE with the “story effectiveness” and “story-telling damage” dynamics of PDQ into one game in a clear, strong way, using a simplified dice mechanic.

Turn-based combat, Techniques/Skills, and other copycat efforts could be grafted on, but that would take MULRAH over my self-imposed one page limit!

MULRAH v0.4 (aka “Microlite11”)
MULRAH v0.4 (aka “Microlite11”) was the first version to be based on Microlite20, essentially turning it into a point-buy system. Although it hasn’t been playtested, it’s basically the same as Microlite20, so it should work fine.

MULRAH is a two-page variation of the Microlite20 role-playing game that incorporates various modern innovations into an SRD-compatible system. This game is ideal for introducing players to indie games by way of a rule set that should be familiar to anyone who has played the world’s most popular fantasy RPG.


6 Responses to “MULRAH”

  1. Sheikh Jahbooty Says:

    I like it. I don’t think it needs turn based combat, techniques, skills, etc.

    Maybe it could use Die Roll Mods, I don’t know, just as a house rule, like if you played it for a while you might want to get a magic sword that gives you a strait plus one on rolls, or if you put a dragon up against the players, you might want to give the dragon a plus four or five on all his rolls, so you would have to at least be interesting at something in order to have even a chance of competing. An ordinary dude can not hurt a dragon.

    Oh, and the game never explains what the counters are for.

  2. Chris Flood Says:

    Thanks. I’m the author and have updated the game several times since this version. I’ll see if it can be reposted.

  3. Jonathan Ridd Says:

    I think you need to provide more examples – a game after all is essentially an instruction manual and I was left with only a partial understanding. I would include a created character and a few examples of conflict resolution so we can see how Mulrah works.

  4. Chris Flood Says:

    Thanks for the input. I was trying to keep it to just one sheet, so examples were not feasible. Ultimately, a game like this (or PDQ or FATE) isn’t really going to work without a strong setting to explore, so it’s on hold for now.

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