Picking Sides The Role Playing Game

What if there are angels living among us? Daemons? What about ghosts? Is there such a thing as reincarnation? Can you gain power from your mortal flaws? What is the point of it all, anyway? This game explores these ideas in a free format. I’ve also written a book about these subjects at: www.mynubook.com. You can download the free game AND purchase OR read about my book. Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions/etc.

There was only ever the void and the universes. The nearly empty spaces between universes and the universes themselves had existed together always. Once, the universes were restricted to the smallest area of space (a point) until the “Big Bang.” The universes had been created out of the seven elements that the Creator itself was made of and had made the angels out of before humanity existed. There are seven orders of angels, just as there are seven different kinds of angels. And, there were seven different reasons for them to go to war among themselves as well.

The angels were very surprised when they noticed the Creator creating something new. These human beings were endowed with a smaller spark of creation than were the angels; and, at first, they were ignored. But, that was not for long. Human beings have all seven Elements present in their forms, but one is always more prevalent than the other six. Some human beings can even focus the power of their spark to create miraculous feats. This game is mostly about them.


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