Psychic Warrior

PSYCHIC WARRIOR is based on and expanded from the 24 hour game DUNGEON SQUAD created by Jason Morningstar as posted here and is covered by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Creative Commons license.

One hundred years from now the world is a wasteland.

Unending armed conflicts have left the earth barren and lifeless.

Unchecked industry has left its toxic mark on both sea and sky.

Unregulated science has created monsters.

Humanity huddles behind the walls of it?s mega cities under the almost feudal domination of it?s leaders.

These grim and brutal rulers fight to hold power and their foes are many.

The rampaging horrors of the wastes.

The criminal scum of the under-city.

Rebellious citizens seeking elusive freedoms.

Underlings coveting the seat of power.

The conquering armies of the other cities.

But their servants are the PSYCHIC WARRIORS. Born to serve. Bred to fight. Trained to kill. Awoken amid their closed orders to the terrible powers of the mind?


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