We all came up from different places an? sometimes we didn?t get along too good, but there we was. Rascal, Lulu, Stinky and Whitey. We made it to da promised land. Somehow, some way, we got outta the dirty, dangerous city or crawled up from some grain silo in East Dullsville. Untold riches await, they all said back home. An? dey was right! Now we jus? gotta play it cool and get our piece o? da American Dream.

Ratpack is a roleplaying game where the players portray rats living in the crawlspaces and cupboards of your average American suburban home. Each game session is based around a ?mission? (usually involving food, people and household pets). The default play style is a fun, adventure-fi lled romp?like a cross between The Dirty Dozen and Goodfellas (except with rats as the protagonists).


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