She’s…is a game for 4 male players. That’s right. Only men should play this game. Hopefully, you’ll learn something. This is an entry for the September 4?24th Ronnie Award.

This is a role playing game with a very specific structure. It shades heavily into the ?collaborative storytelling? genre of role playing, and is designed to ideally be played in one evening. It’s a game for four male persons. That’s right. It should be played by a group of men. It’s about a woman, but its written by a man, and playing the game should say some interesting things about gender roles and how men and woman interact in the social arena. Of course, I have no control over who plays and why, but I feel like a woman playing this game would have some choice things to say to me. Though, if that does happen, I’d love to hear them.

Premise-wise, this game centers on the efforts of four men to win the heart of a woman.When you sit down to play, you guys should decide exactly in which context this will play out. High school? 2-Somethings? Old folks in a home? Superspies from different countries who run into each other again and again? Knights and a maiden? Choose something that you all think will be interesting. Keep in mind that this game is written with a fairly modern conception of gender, so games set in more archaic times will be that much more interesting. The text is written with something contemporary in mind, but that’s by no means a constraint to your actual play.


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