Reality Cops

Reality Cops is a sci-fi flavoured game about the people who defend the real world against changes brought on by exposure to different realities. The Cop’s effectiveness in other realities is governed by how much their life sucks in this one.

On March 6th, in the year 2217, Martin Thompson applied a revolutionary combination of mind theory and chemical science, to discover that ours is not the only world. He learned that certain minds, under certain conditions, can be made to shift their perception into other realities. Other worlds. Some of these worlds are much like ours, some are very different. He called these alternate realities phases of existence, and proposed that when a mind transitioned between them, the phases met and touched at that single point, much like soap bubbles floating in air. And like those bubbles, they proved fragile, some more so than others. In early experiments, three volunteers were driven insane when the communal phase they occupied broke under the pressure.On December 9th 2219, Martin Thompson died, went insane, and disappeared, in approximately that order.

This was the first recorded incidence of reality subversion.


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