Rings of Jerusalem

We are the Sabbath Ghosts. Devout Jews preform no work from sundown Friday until Saturday night. No switches are flipped, no coin changes hands, no creature harmed. But our enemies do not rest on holy days.

Thus the Rabbis of of our colony have made dispensation. Each member of our group is officially dead and symbolically buried. Upon rising from the shallow crypts, we are spirits, exempt from the laws that bind men. Neither the grace of the sabbath bride nor the nor the commandment “Thou shall not murder” prevents us from doing whatever is necessary to safeguard the children of Israel.

Shema Yisrael! If you come to Saturn, spirits protect you.

Leaving Mother Russia

The year 5669 was the year of the greatest exodus since Egypt. Life in Northern Asia had never been particularly good, but now the Cossacks and the Tzar’s Militysia (police) had redoubled their efforts to make the Jews miserable. Europe is still seething after the Franco-Prussian war, and the working class is beginning to become dissatisfied with the status quo ? leading to much antisemitism in the guise of “quieting Bolsheviks.”

But the Jews were hopeful people, and so they looked up. Whole villages worked together, scrimping and saving, until they could send their best and brightest to the new world. Those who got there would collect their money, and send it back so that more could book passage.

Ellis Island may have been closed, but the rest of the solar system was still full of opportunities. Saturn, colonized not long after the American Civil War, was was chosen to be the new Palestine.


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