Ringworld Zombie

RINGWORLD ZOMBIE is a fast paced, fully illustrated, Game Master-less role playing game set on a 1 mile ringworld, involving you – prisoners – and ZOMBIES. You may start playing straight away, reading the intro, and learning the rules as you move along.

It was written for the 24-hour RPG contest Little Spaces in June 2012.

Some Blurb:

Approaching the 1-mile Space Island, you note that something is askew. Many of the solar glass domes have been torn out, and the steel cables of one of the spokes slowly dangle into space. A few lights seem to be burning inside the ring, but most of the surface has gone dark. The few glimpses you can get when the sun shines through the ruptures look apocalyptic.

You try to warn the pilot and the guards, but they ignore your screaming, leaving you in your confined docking cell. Then, when the rotation of your shuttle finally reached twentyfive second rotation, synchronising your sick stomach with the rotating prison, a deep click rumbles through the floor and walls. Almost without warning the airlock sizzles and opens. You quickly grab your masks and put them on.

A deep metal chasm extends downward. There is no lift. You hesitate, but then the electric current through the floor of your cell prods you painfully. You have to go in.

“Is this place dead?”
“I thought I heard something”
“That’s your breath, dumbass”
“No, I heard something too”



One Response to “Ringworld Zombie”

  1. Christian Says:

    Great game! Seems quick, clever and could lead to fun and intrigue around the table.