RPG: Rocket Propelled Gaming

This is version 1.1 of my simple and balanced, rules light, narrativist roleplaying game. It draws on inspiration from the likes of John Harper and Robin Laws to produce a balanced and free form game. Any constructive suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.


4 Responses to “RPG: Rocket Propelled Gaming”

  1. 3 Man Says:

    That, sir, is a clever little game! Where I would most likely use it is to adapt the non-combat skill challenges in any game to resemble what you are doing here in RPG. I love the balance and how every player contributes. And the dwindling (or growing) chip stack is a great visual. My only critique is to refer to the die as a six-sided die for clarity. Also, I would add GM guidance for handling items. Players always want cool stuff, so does a magic sword add +1 to your roll or provide you an additional EP for a sword based attribute?

  2. Euan Smith Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’ll remember to make the D6 more obvious. I like the idea of using as a bolt on skill system for another game.

    Items are treated exactly the same as any other attribute. A Magic Sword would be a “Magic Sword (1EP)” or however many EP the player assigns to it. The player would use it like any other attribute. Players should be encouraged to call on attributes for tangential uses; so the player could burn a Magic Sword EP to impress someone with just how darn cool the item is rather than simply chop people up with it. I’ll need to make it more clear that a Magic Sword (1EP) is no more useful than a Mundane Sword (1EP). They are both attributes that can be exhausted to allow one additional roll against a challenge.

  3. Mario silva Says:

    I find it brilliant in simplicity. A perfect game to attract people to pen & paper rpgs. Excellent for one time shots too. I’ll try it out with my nephews if i have the opportunity.

    How would you go about a duel? between players?

  4. Silas Lima Says:

    Very interesting game!
    Could I translate it to portuguese and deliver it for free as a pdf file? (of course with your copyright).
    Great job :)