Euan Smith

RPG: Rocket Propelled Gaming

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

This is version 1.1 of my simple and balanced, rules light, narrativist roleplaying game. It draws on inspiration from the likes of John Harper and Robin Laws to produce a balanced and free form game. Any constructive suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.

Witch Hunted

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Witch Hunted, the players’ characters inhabit a hostile world. The population is split between a normal majority and a paranormal minority. The paranormals possess great power and were feared and respected by the normal folk.

Recently, however, a plot hatched by a cabal of paranormals was uncovered. This rogue group sought to overthrow the rightful authorities of the land and replace them with a new class of paranormal rulers. The government has decided that the paranormals now pose a clear and present danger to the safety of the people. The use of paranormal powers has been outlawed and the possessors of these powers are to be rounded up and neutralised.

The most powerful paranormals have taken the hint and have used their abilities to quit the normal world. They have ascended and now dwell in the immortal dimension of Agathra; safe from pursuit. Their less powerful brethren have been abandoned to their fate. They are now pursued by government appointed agents; the subject of a ferocious witch-hunt. If the paranormals can avoid arrest and practice their powers they might be able to eventually escape to Agartha. Unfortunately, the use of paranormal abilities is illegal and can be detected by the witch hunters…

Witch Hunters

Recent events have driven a wedge been the Adepts and normal people. The government has decided that Adepts pose a real danger to society. Laws have been past to make the Adepts? activities illegal and a special organisation has been created to enforce these laws. Examples might include armoured priests, fearsome magistrates, dread witch hunters, stern government agents or implacable robots.

The witch hunters seek out Adepts and strip them of their power and freedom. They will attempt to capture the Adepts alive so that they can stand trail and face the full force of due process. However, murderous Adepts will be terminated with extreme prejudice.

The GM controls the actions of the witch hunters and the rest of society.