Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners is a game of divine destiny. Players take the role of Saints, humans chosen by God to fight against the demonic forces known as Sinners. But if the players aren’t careful, their own Moral Failings will lead to corruption, and they too will serve the Satanic host.


Since the fall, Lucifer has attempted to make mankind his servants in all things, but God and his messengers, the angels, are not about to let the Light-Bringer destroy all that is holy.

But God has taken a laissez-faire attitude towards mankind, and the universe in general. The angels have been left pretty much alone in their fight against Satan?s minions. Fortunately, in every generation God divinely inspires several Saints, humans with holy powers and a divine calling to fulfill God?s purpose on earth.

Of course, Hell has its own minions. These Sinners have powers similar to the Saints. These people are not possessed. In order to be considered a servant of Hell, Sinners must be acting on their own free will. They must choose to be evil, just as Saints must choose to be good. However, Hell can lead people towards sin through the process of corruption. And even the Saints are not immune to corruption.


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