Soviet Politics

This is my 24 hours RPG entry for the Ronnies of November. The lay out is a bit messed up because I don’t have a PDF converter myself. Keywords are Mud and Soviet. Players are ministers, trying to achieve the highest place possible: the presidential seat. Who will succeed?

Introduction: a struggle for power

Moscow, 19xx

Welcome, comrades. You are chosen by the people of the Soviet Republic to bring your country the best in your respective Ministries. You are encouraged to make sure of it that your fellow comrades will do their utmost best to ensure the success of the Soviet Republic. It is quite possible you will have some difficulties during your period. Don?t let this get you stranded. Will you keep your good name in the process? Or are you disgusted by the public and the Council of Ministers? I hope you know we cannot use anymore mistakes now.

I hope my faith in you isn?t misplaced.



President of the Soviet Republic

Players have made it in some of the important seats in the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Republic. However, except for the President (whom is also the chairman of the Council of Ministers), they want to get an even better position. With better status, they will have the possibility to take on more difficult problems, giving them even more influence. And of course, there is the KGB. You don?t want to upset them, do you? There could be the possibility that you will get assassinated by the silent blade of the KGB.


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