The Long Patrol

In The Long Patrol, you play members of a platoon of solders from a western nation occupying a foreign country during the 2th century. You could use this system to tell stories about America in World War II, or Vietnam, or France’s occupation of Algeria. In the course of a routine patrol, the players will face challenges to their lives, their sanity, and their very humanity. Will the stress and horror of war bring your platoon together or tear it apart? Who will live and die on the long patrol?

This game is heavily influenced by Clinton R. Nixon?s The Shadow of Yesterday, from values, which are keys in Shadow, to the conflict resolution system.

This games themes are heavily influenced by Tim O?Brian?s The Things They Carried, especially the idea of having sanity checks in a war game.

This game is an entrant for the November 25 Ronnies, using the key words gun and mud. The mud in this game is represented by the moral murk and quagmire the characters face.


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