Sputnik Lost

Russia ushered in the space age on October 4, 1957 with the launch Sputnik. That original 58cm metal sphere would in turn lead to a race between the superpowers to put men on the moon. After America won, all references to the Soviet moon program were denied, until the glasnost period of the early 199s.

Sputnik Lost is a reconstruction of an attempt to put men on the moon, less than two weeks before the launch of Apollo 11.

On July 3, 1969, a Soviet N-1 Moon Rocket was launched from Tuytrantum Military Launch Facility carrying a small crew into space. They never returned.

Thirteen days later, Apollo 11 was launched, and was officially recored in the history books as the first lunar landing, while in typical Soviet fashion, all information about their plans for a moonshot were eradicated and denied. Until messages like this one appeared.


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