Simple Supers RPG

Simple Supers RPG is a super simple roleplaying game representing a world of superheroic adventure. All the rules for Simple Supers are contained within one single sheet of paper, a character sheet that can be used to keep track characters in the game as well as to have all the rules handy in one page. With Simple Supers RPG, one player takes the role of Game Master, or GM, while the other players take the role of Player Characters, or PCs. The PCs play the role of heros while the GM assumes the role of all villains, as well as creating and running the adventures that are the core of the game. Each hero and villain in the game is custom made by the players. Each adventure features the heroes and villains matching wits and engaging in combat with each other as good battles evil for who will ultimately triumph in the super-powered world of Simple Supers. Excelsior!

is a game played with two six-sided dice, some pencils, and copies of this character sheet. When two dice are rolled together in this game, both dice are added together to get a total for the die roll.

Simple Supers RPG is played like a standard roleplaying game. Two or more players play the game with one of the players taking the role of Game Master (GM) and each other player taking the role of a player character (PC).


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