Telgrathia 1st Edition

Basically, this is what I’ve been working on all weekend (it’s been in concept longer, I just started writing Saturday, and now it’s Monday).

It’s a new fantasy role playing game that stands beside the others by being entirely class-free, magic focused (but optional), and based on Blackjack-style “draws” for conflict resolution (combat or obstacle bypassing).

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is the core rulebook, made more for reference than actual gameplay, a successor Gameplay Guide will be released in the “complete” rulebook, which will include guides to running games and also a sample adventure (and play-by-play of it).


5 Responses to “Telgrathia 1st Edition”

  1. Erathoniel Says:

    The mentioned Guide to Playing Telgrathia is coming by Friday, if anyone’s interested.

  2. Erathoniel Says:

    Okay, it’s finally up. Evidently I shouldn’t set deadlines, because I miss them.

  3. Erathoniel Says:

    Maybe I should include a link?

  4. Misterecho Says:

    would be a good idea!

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