The 13th Year

Farsight Games presents ‘The 13th Year’ a complete and FREE Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Explore the post-atomic wastelands of the alternate Earth of 1952 in ‘The 13th Year’, an original tabletop roleplaying game for the SKETCH system. Struggle against the odds to get home, try to start a new life or simply survive in the 13th year of the Second Great War.

With full rules, background and adventure ideas this 21-page PDF uses the SKETCH system, an extremely simple game that uses a single six-sided die for every aspect of the game.

The Second Great War didn’t end quite as well as the Allies would have wanted.
In June 1944 the Allies assaulted fortress Europe with everything they had on land, on sea and in the air. The Axis were on the back foot and the war intensified.

Within a year the Allies had pushed into Berlin and the war raged street by street. The Japanese were being pushed back in the Pacific theatre and the end of the carnage and sorrow seemed close at hand. Each foot of progress was paid for in blood on all sides.

We were once told that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany and the most hated man in Europe – possibly the world – was found dead by Russian forces, after committing suicide and then having his body set alight in a ditch. They were right in one thing, a body was found.
But it wasn’t Hitler.

Hitler had faked his death and escaped with the help of his Gestapo and SS, fleeing into Austria and then into a secret hiding place in the mountains of Switzerland. Hitler, unbalanced and near insanity, had a last part to play in the war. Unbeknownst to the Allies his scientists had developed a fully operational atomic bomb.

They had developed the weapon a full year previously, and had even had time to produce dozens of these catastrophic weapons, and the modified V2 rockets to deliver them to far-off targets. Knowing the war was going against him and his Axis he had even secretly shipped some of these weapons to the Pacific to be placed into the hands of his Japanese allies. He wasn’t insane enough to use the weapons straight away. What was the use in ruling a world that had been burned to a cinder? His plan was to hold the world to ransom, threaten it with annihilation into submission.
But then he changed his mind.

Go to for more details of the SKETCH system.

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3 Responses to “The 13th Year”

  1. Neuicon Says:

    This game, over two reads, looks fairly simple to play and should be quite fun when me and my fiance run through it together; I should post my thoughts on gameplay later.

    Again, great read overall, great background and it looks sweet!

  2. Hogwartstook Says:

    I played this game a few nights back and i have to say it was all done for me. Great ambience created with easy rules and a well written setting. Cheers xxx

  3. Thunderscreamer Says:

    Seems cool, but unfortunately it shares the name with a crappy Disney Channel Original move.