Dave Morris was once asked if he could go back and rewrite Dragon Warriors, his RPG gamebook series from the 1980s, what would he change.

He answered that he would have taken the advice of a friend and make the entire system revolve around a single six sided die.

I decided to take that as a challange!

The result is K U B O S, a low fantasy Role Playing Game of Action, Adventure and Six-Sided Heroics. I hope you enjoy it.


7 Responses to “KUBOS”

  1. Neuicon Says:

    Very well done, Liam! Another great game in my honest opinion.

  2. bal3000 Says:

    Thanks Neuicon, glad you like it. I’m also planning 2 additional versions of KUBOS: the first is a high magic version were sorcerers rule the world and the second is an SFRPG of exploration based on Star Trek. Don’t hold your breathe mind!

  3. Neuicon Says:

    Had to come back and post this: I just ran about two games using this system over the past few weeks and Liam, VERY VERY VERY GOOD!

    Just thought I’d thank you…

  4. bal3000 Says:

    Cheers Neuicon, That’s great news! (sorry I’m only seeing this now but my lousy computor wasn’t working over the holidays) I love having my games played and play tested and you and your mates seem to really enjoy gaming in general so it’s all good. You gotta fill us in on more details though. I’d love to about it. Maybe on the forums?

  5. Sheikh Jahbooty Says:

    I wish there was more information about what exactly Heroic Actions are, you know, how they differ from attacks or defending one’s self or one’s teammates. Defend one’s teammates… yeah, like in a Classical Hellenic game, that should be one of the things you can do rather than attack, defend yourself and someone else, so that if the person you are defending is attacked, you also roll to defend them, and they roll to defend themselves, and they take the higher roll.

    Anyway, that was rambling.

    Is Heroic Action where magic would go?

  6. bal3000 Says:

    Heroic actions are beyond simply attacking or defending. They are were the player announces something that should be improbable but barely possible, enegetic and audacious and beyond the ordinary. Such as picking up a table in a bar brawl and flattening the six guards that have just stormed through the door or leaping from a balcony to grab a chandelier and swinging over a rampaging dragon to escape through a barely open door or …

  7. bal3000 Says:

    Oh and yes it could be were magic would go, but I have some ideas for an expansion to the rules to cover that!

    ..and I should have added that an Heroic action should leave the PC in a “bad” position if he fails and a REALLY “bad” position if he rolls a 1! but that’s all at the referee’s discretion!