The Dream Merchants

My Game Chef 2007 entry: The Dream Merchants

The Pitch: In the future…memory is currency. The players take the role of Dream Merchants who trade in forbidden and special memories in a world where strong emotions are punished. Will these memories hold the key to save their souls? Or will they end up like the rest of the Fallen; drained of their memories and forced to live in squalor?

“I remember now. The night of true passion and understanding, until our worlds came crashing down. The Judgment say that to feel too much is a sin. But the feelings inside of me cannot simply be turned off. I remember too much. It courses through me like steam through a vent, powering my brain and awakening my soul. I can’t let it go…I won’t let it go!!”

“Citizen, welcome to the Contentment Center. You have been selected for a MemWipe because of your troubled thoughts. We are here to guide you.”

“But I don’t want to be wiped. I need to remember!”

“No, citizen. None of us need to remember. What we need is to be Contented. That is what we…”

“…No!! Those are my memories…our memories! Please stop!!!”

“There…now isn’t that better? Feel the MemDrain moving through your veins. It’s already freeing your pain. Let it go…let it go…let it go…Okay, he’s out. Drain the last two weeks. That should do it. Is the girl ready yet?”


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