The Right Hand of Mr. Big

What Mr. Big Wants, Mr. Big Gets! A Short, Competitive Heist Game for 2-4 Players.


Welcome to The Right Hand of Mr. Big! In this game, Mr. Big wants an object, and he’s sent his best pair of agents to get it. However, Mr. Big’s chief rival, Mr. Small, does not want to give up this object, and has sent his own pair of agents to guard it. The players will take on the role of these two teams, acting in the stead of their masters, attempting to achieve their goals. For the sake of clarity, any reference to ‘Mr. Big’ is meant as a reference to the person the teams are working for.

This game draws from inspirations like the Soderbergh Oceans 11, Sneakers, Mission Impossible, the James Bond franchise, games like Splinter Cell, and the comic book series The Losers. So think modern setting, with technology standing in for magic as a means for otherwise human characters to get impossible or improbable things accomplished. The game aims to be fast and competitive, with each team creating new complications to confuse, block, and delight their opponents.


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