Someone to Love

Someone to Love is a five player dating RPG, where each session takes two characters and puts them into a date. After ten sessions, each character will have dated each other character. What mixes things up in Someone to Love is that the characters are all in the underworld, as lonely ghosts, monsters, gods, and the like. It is also the first main course in the Full Course of Love and Death.
This RPG is the second in the Full Course of Love and Death, occurring between Escape from Prince Charming and the Marriage of Persephone. Someone to Love is the first of the three main courses, and presents a unique perspective on both love and death. In this case, by telling the tales of dating in the afterlife. To link with it?s predecessor, Escape from Prince Charming, ensure that the archetypes selected for the characters include several of the characters who died in that game. This game links into the Marriage of Persephone because the goddess takes notice of the most successful date in this game and decides to take it upon herself to throw a huge wedding for it. This naturally leads to the trials and troubles explored in the next game.

As a game designed for Iron Game Chef 26, it is necessary to discuss the allotments made for that contest. Indeed, for the theme of time, Someone to Love fulfills the ten sessions of 1 hours each requirement. And it uses the following contest terms: Committee, Ancient, and Emotion.


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