The Saint’s Golem and the Devil’s Dragon

This is a draft of a role playing game. You and your fellow players take on the role of saints, prophets, in the struggle of ?Man? vs. ?Evil? and their symbols, ?Mud? and ?Dragon?. And – one of you will be the Dragon.

The Dragon, ancient symbol of evil, called Satan, Leviathan, and a host of other names, has risen. His goal: Apocalypse. His method: manifestation as a many-headed Dragon, each of his 9 heads attacking one of God’s Commandments, perhaps in the process revealing signs of the apocalypse. Attack until reality and mankind can take no more, and the final cataclysm is upon the earth and mankind. These manifestations may be in the physical realm (yes, Dragon-fire in the sky, Dragon-bile clotting the streets) or in the metaphysical realm ? the Dragon attacking the concept of man and his capability to do good, god?s service. The Dragon is represented by just one player, and his is the momentous power of evil to fell great swathes.

Man is Mud through the way he was shaped – kneaded by God from mud and dust – and the way he tries to harness like powers to benefit fellow man1. Much of God’s knowledge and power has come down to man through mystical writings & religious Doctrines ? the Sefer Yetzirah is an example, but many other mythical texts may be of service. Another example: The Maharal of Prague, and his creation of a Golem to keep his flock safe. All the non-Dragon players are Man and Mud ? more numerous, basic, humble, and possibly resilient.


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