The Usual Suspects

One player plays as playboy billionaire James Bloodfang, whom has journeyed to his fathers castle with his four friends in order to discover who killed him. In this tale of suspense and thrills five players will be trapped in the same castle. three are innocent, and Jason must find out the fourth.

The Usual Suspects
A scary ass game by Robbie Cousineau
Its midnight. Theodore lay on your bed as you hear creaks and groans throughout the mansion. He hears a knock on his door. Theodore stands up and answers the door. He gasps as a a loud shot is heard and blood splatters across his bed.

That Morning. The police investigated your fathers mansion fully and found no murder weapon. Only a pure silver bullet casing. Your fathers will read as following: In order for you to inherit the family fortune and position, you and four friends must stay the night in your fathers mansion.
Determined to get your payday and office. You collect your friends and walk up the creaky steps of Bloodfang mansion…


You play as James Bloodfang. Your father was brutally murdered last night, devils night. Your lawyer has said that in order to inherit a dime, your father decided you had to stay a night in the mansion. You have been told that your allowed to bring four friends. Explore the mansion and avoid whatever ended up killing your father. One player is the killer, whose goal is to murder everybody by setting and activating the many traps placed around the mansion.

Ghosts haunt, Plants talk, Skeletons….break dance? Prepare to be scared so bad you won’t even be able to say a good thing about it!

(This game requires 5 people and a GM)

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