Robbie Cousineau

The Californian Job

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Here is a game i wrote in a hour or two. Its been too long since I have submitted so here it is. A bank robbing rpg. Its rules lite, and two pages long. But i feel its a good peice of work.

“Whats the catch?” Asks your friend Jose. “The police will probably respond within minutes so we need to strike fast” As you conceal your pistol and open the door. Jose and you pull down your masks and draw guns; A guard prepares to fire but Jose fires first, nailing the guard in the skull. “THIS IS A F’IN ROBBERY!” Screams Jose.

In The Californian Job, you and a few friends pose as Bank Robbers, with the GM controlling NPC’s and the police. Your duty is to roleplay one day, the day of your bank robbery. The game is not designed to be used in campaigns; but as a role playing exercise.

The Usual Suspects

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

One player plays as playboy billionaire James Bloodfang, whom has journeyed to his fathers castle with his four friends in order to discover who killed him. In this tale of suspense and thrills five players will be trapped in the same castle. three are innocent, and Jason must find out the fourth.

The Usual Suspects
A scary ass game by Robbie Cousineau
Its midnight. Theodore lay on your bed as you hear creaks and groans throughout the mansion. He hears a knock on his door. Theodore stands up and answers the door. He gasps as a a loud shot is heard and blood splatters across his bed.

That Morning. The police investigated your fathers mansion fully and found no murder weapon. Only a pure silver bullet casing. Your fathers will read as following: In order for you to inherit the family fortune and position, you and four friends must stay the night in your fathers mansion.
Determined to get your payday and office. You collect your friends and walk up the creaky steps of Bloodfang mansion…


You play as James Bloodfang. Your father was brutally murdered last night, devils night. Your lawyer has said that in order to inherit a dime, your father decided you had to stay a night in the mansion. You have been told that your allowed to bring four friends. Explore the mansion and avoid whatever ended up killing your father. One player is the killer, whose goal is to murder everybody by setting and activating the many traps placed around the mansion.

Ghosts haunt, Plants talk, Skeletons….break dance? Prepare to be scared so bad you won’t even be able to say a good thing about it!

(This game requires 5 people and a GM)

Bad Day CA

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Its been a long day. The first place you find yourself going when you get home is the bed. You hear the scratching of some sort of animals at your door, you hear something chirping at your windows, you hear something knocking around your trashcans, you hear the dull sound of fists beating at your walls. They must still be outside. As these un-comforting sounds fly around your room and thoughts; one thought emerges. “I never should of moved to california”

Common knowledge is that its currently summer. since i have not had to do any intense work for awhile I have slipped out of sight or sound and actually have not gotten anything done (Meaning “The Looking Glass” may be on the shelf for awhile, and other projects….maybe). I really had to get up and write something. Suprisingly, i actually got inspired by one of the most boring things possible. I pulled up, and looked at the archive of free games. Not actually clicking on anything. just looking at the names. Then it hit me what i could fire off a quick 1 pager about. By the power of window shopping (And viking metal, all hail dragonforce!) I actually think i can get a good 1 page rpg out.

The point of the game is simple. You live in California, and all hell breaks loose. And the goal is to simply…. survive one day; being the worst possible day ever. Literally the game is about turning the DMs flock of gamers into ping pong balls for the DM to swat around. The players will find themselves running from B-movie and modern movie monsters (the movie “8 legged freaks” comes to mind as what made me think of this), along with surviving natural and not so natural disasters, and whatever god or whatever deity exists throws at you.


A character must survive 24 game hours. in short: a day. sounds simple still? surviving masses of disasters and hundreds of monsters, and other things athat go bump in the night.

Caught Between Planes

Monday, June 11th, 2007

One night, when i was walking home in the dark, a thought hit me. “What if there was a game, where you could be good or evil, and fight the deamons of hell or the angels of heavon”. for while, i ignored the idea, but then i figured i could get away with it, im not that well known. Besides, people have written much more drastic things.

In this game, you play as a alternate version of yourself (As you do in my other games). One night walking through the park, you notice a red light. you walk closer, and witness the horrors appearing. you see bums being drug into a portal to the abyss, you witness late night joggers being sacraficed, you witness graveyard shift policeman pumping rounds into they who cannot be dead again. Your choice? to run. Your town is in danger, and it needs a hero, or a villian. It all depends on what team you are rooting for.

Will you side with satan and aid his minions in their quest for total control? or will you side with god, and beat back the minions of the pit back to whence they came?

This game is designed for a DM (Death Master) to run with a group of players (preferably 2 or more) in a open, purerly DM ran story. this game is to hand the creative tools to a creative person to create a story with their freinds as the heros (or villians). Note that this game uses terminology used by christians, but i myself am not of the christian faith, but have some information of various demons and traditions. and obviously i know what heaven and hell are. This is made only for pleasure, and this is not any attept to bash a religion. I myself though am a bit pissed that christians seem to think their faith is bloodless though, but i will rant later.

The main goal of the game is to make your own choice on what to do. Take the path of evil and kill god, or take the path of good and save heaven and earth from satans attacks. This is a war, demons and angels pour out of portals, phase in, and appear all to fight. As combat sways in one side, then you can expect to see war advance to one of the realms.

As you do your side proud. you will eventually be granted a familiar(or two)by your diety. You never know how much they can save you. Familiars are linked to you via soul. therefore as long as you live, they are unable to die, only be knocked out. Same goes with you, if you fall in battle, and your familiar survives, then you will be reborn. Your side will also grant you powers and spells if you serve them well. Your a important peice in this game of chess, as not any person is granted power like this. All around the world, people have been imbued to the greater causes, to help fight this war.

Character Creation is divided into several steps. all being fueled by a supply of creation points. I call this the “Every Man Made Equal System” (EMMES), Since my games tend to use alot of passive and npc elements, but require dice rolls. You start with 3 points to use to shape your character.

I have renewed and brought back some skills from BR RPG, but many are completely new.

Schools Out For Eternity

Monday, May 14th, 2007

You take a step into your classroom and kick open the closet, clutching your handgun. The smell of perfume escapes the closet as the girl sits there, shielding herself, screaming at the top of her lungs for mercy. You kneel into the light and she realizes you’re still alive. She stands up and smiles at you, then goes wide eyed. Your dearly departed teacher walks through the door, fresh blood dripping down his chin. Grasping your gun, you realize that schools out for eternity.

What this is about

This game was designed for one sole purpose: because school needs more death and destruction. As one of the few surviving students in the school in a strange outbreak, your mission is to survive and escape, rescuing other survivors and ultimately escaping the town. This game does not use EMME, due to obvious restraints on size.

Making a character

This is a fairly simple process of picking one type of roll out of 5, the one you pick gives you a +1 to rolls involving that stat. Everything else is simply roleplay important. The choices are: Strength, Speed, Smarts, Charm, and Reflexes.

Strength is used for physical combat and other various tasks such as lifting. Speed is the use of your legs. Smarts is used in tough situations relying on brains. Charm is your ability to persuade with looks and speech. And reflexes allow you to see things coming, dodging and for certain tasks.

Cola Wars

Thursday, April 12th, 2007


This is for the contest held by Modus and 1kt1km. It took me way too long to finish and i jumped the gun. So heres just what i had. Maybe next time i can get a eligible entry.

In the 8’s the Cola Industries were being established at lightning speeds, distributing drink after drink to thirsty hippies. Two major players in the Industry (Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola) were fighting a literal war with advertising. This caused many other brands to be established and take part in this. In 1982, somebody claimed to have made the perfect recipe; this caused pure chaos. Your one of the security guards for one of these such businesses. Your job is to protect and guard the recipe, the scientists, and the factory itself while stealing and damaging the factory next door, which belong to your competitor. Lie, cheat, and steal then above all, win the cola wars.

Your mission is to protect your factory from saboteurs and spies, while doing the same to your neighbors. Whoever goes broke first fails, while your enemy buys you out. The trick is to know when to defend (Patrol) and when to sneak next door and cause some havoc. Each factory has several targets in them. The R&D department, the Archives (Home to all of the recipe files and computers), the production plant, and finally the Human Resources department, protect them all with your under-paid life. As a guard, your job is to protect these while damaging the other factories facilities.

This game requires a map, containing two factories and an alley or so in-between. This game is for 2+ players and a DM to watch the action. This can be played off or online. Come up with some sort of way to make sure the enemy doesn’t know exactly where their enemies are, as this game needs a certain sense of stealth. Meaning that each team can only see THEIR facility map unless they have a certain skill

The game seems to be having alot more of a “Spy Vrs Spy” feel to it. As that is what i expect it to look like. Players seemingly play a large amount of tricks on eachother for soda recipes. And i kind of like that alot. As I always wanted a sort of funny game where people basicly play as a spy and kill eachother for such small things. I have been typing for hours but i feel like i must keep going. Mainly because i already used it as a excuse to get out of school work.

Battle Royale

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

You play as a version of yourself, pretty much. you start the process with 3 creation points. first off you pick a body type,then you pick some features. then you purchase some skills, maybe get some points by giving your character disadvantages. Please be semi realistic on what you start with as skills (because I doubt a highschooler would be a skilled gunfighter/hacker/ninja/marine). and be sure to put in some sort of backstory.


This game requires 2+ players, one of them is the DeathMaster(DM). More players makes the game alot more interesting. This game will require ALOT of NPCs.However, it is NOT needed to make a individual sheet for every one of them. as the DM can wing it for what they can do. but if you feel like it, fine, create a shitload of character sheets. The character system was designed mainly to support alot of characters. That and these are highschool students, not heros.

Artificial Life

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

The basis of this game is that every player is a Scientist in a experiment tampering with life itself. This experiment is that each scientist in the group has a small force of artificial beings (Cyborgs) in a test area, a synthetic maze of steel with many rooms and living areas. the ultimate test of survival, the scientists must lead their cyborgs to being able to survive, and ultimatly open the exit door that leads to the next “zone”. The maze itself consists of 1 Zones, each with a door that leads to a giant cargo elevator that can lift a scientists cyborgs to the next zone. All of the higher zones contain past experiments that lost control due to lesser scientists getting too cocky or getting themselves killed.


Whenever your cyborgs think, they start to slowly realize that they are being controlled, eventually they may rise up and kill their scientist. you can make them respect you by certain actions defined by the GM. Generally, whenever you help them in a certain way they like you more. When they have weapons, they think even more, and realize your more mortal then they are. basically, don’t be the weakest link. prove that your worth it as their leader.


Eventually you will learn domestication, and be able to create animal cyborgs. these will help you in various ways, basically, they are “Familiars” that help you in certain respects. for instance, a small bird-cyborg would be helpful for grabbing that piece of paper on the other side of that big hole…. The player and GM must work together to create them, they must be fair to everybody yet be special. you can only have one type of pet at a time, but they can be created as long as you have the parts. be very realistic on parts, and realize that they are not immortal by any means.


what DOES lie on the zone after the last zone? nobody actually knows. One would expect thats the end of it all, but who knows? it is suggested the GM puts a very interesting storyline hook at the end, like a dramatic boss fight or something. it’s all the GM