Trollblade 2nd Edition

TROLL-BLADE 2nd edition. One single page could never hope to hold it. Expanded from both previous releases to a MASSIVE 13 pages, TB2 provides the most comprehensive (and compacted) rules in FRPG. FIVE races, FOUR classes, TWENTY-THREE spells, limitless monsters and magic item creation are all included. Old-skool gaming never had this clarity. Enjoy.


There is no one who denies the existence of a Creator God. But his power is considered beyond mortal concerns. In his place there exists a pantheon of deities, all created to aid with the needs of men and all vying to increase their power and influence. The gods accept worshippers from all races, their appearances humanoid but without being one race over another.

The following list lists just some of the deities and includes any INFLUENCE spells they bestow on their priests.

AEYONUS – the warrior god (strike, healing)
IBRATO – the trickster (illusion, transform)
MEH?DIAH – goddess of retribution (cripple, energy bolt)
KUHL – god of war (energy blast, destruction)
NOL – god of learning (detect, dispel)
BELLOC – god of travellers (flight, teleport)
KHURN – god of strength (boost, holding)
SOLLAH – goddess of compassion (healing, warding)
MANAR – god of the dead (shielding, turning)


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