Truth, Inc.

Truth, Inc. Cyberpunk Revival Contest Edition!

Welcome to Truth, Inc. – a game of drama. Yes, drama. What does that mean you ask? Its a game about what happens when all hell breaks loose and shit hits the fan and, well you get the picture. Truth, Inc. is the center of the game, a large sprawling company in the distant future that has grown a little too powerful for its o w n good. In order to play you’ll need to keep in mind three tenets, each a concept critical to the game.
These are: Its the goddamn future, These are cool motherfuckers, and The question shits on everyone. GODDAMN


2 Responses to “Truth, Inc.”

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  2. Lizzie Says:

    I find the concept very very interesting… If i were to ever play this game i believe i’d be playing considerable long hours~! :)