Jason Petrasko

Truth, Inc.

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Truth, Inc. Cyberpunk Revival Contest Edition!

Welcome to Truth, Inc. – a game of drama. Yes, drama. What does that mean you ask? Its a game about what happens when all hell breaks loose and shit hits the fan and, well you get the picture. Truth, Inc. is the center of the game, a large sprawling company in the distant future that has grown a little too powerful for its o w n good. In order to play you’ll need to keep in mind three tenets, each a concept critical to the game.
These are: Its the goddamn future, These are cool motherfuckers, and The question shits on everyone. GODDAMN

Our Guardian Devils

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Between ‘what could be’ and ‘what is’ lies a hungry darkness. The dreamers that dare this darkness and not prepared for the horrors it offers, but there is hope. A cadre of wild and impassioned devils lie in wait, for their chance to guard those that dream against the teeth of darkness…

About Guardian Devils

Throughout history, from the earliest of times, they have been with us just like the darkness. History has given them many names and titles. Just a few of which are: witches, wizards, shaman, sorcerer, enchanters, warlocks, and such. All of these names refer to the same beings. These are powerful people who are no longer whole, that operate just outside of what is, always eclipsed by the darkness. These protectors stop the darkness from corrupting the hearts of those that date to dream.

In the Victorian era of this game, they are known as devils. This rather dirty name comes from the powers of such being clearly clashing with the doctrines of the church. All devils are cast as inherently evil, though they are not demons after any fashion. In fact, the devils are guardians of the heart. They seek to protect those that dream from the despair of the darkness.

January’s Frost

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

A game of choice and consequence, where several sisters have discovered a valley of untold magic. Now bound to three magics and strange forces, these sisters explore their newfound limitations and powers…

January?s Frost is a game about choices and consequence in a land of fairy-tale magic. From the next part of the story, you will see what I mean clearly. The game requires a spirit of wonder and a bit of concern, not to mention a handful of players. One of these players takes on the role of the sorcerer. They have rather extensive control over the game, and are in many ways like the game-masters (GMs) of other role-playing games. At any one time, the player in the role of the sorcerer is playing a particular sorcerer. The other players take on the role of the sisters, a handful of young women who got a bit too curious one night and with a single choice, inflicted amazing consequence onto themselves. Well, now I can get back to the second part of the story.

Beneath a High Pillow

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Care to try your hand at the immortal power struggle? Come, take control of a piece of the crime pie in this roaring twenties based game of deals, power, and crime. Stuggle with your companions and your boss for power, all the while throwing about the accusatory finger and earning wine for the business. What depths will you sink too when your beneath a high pillow?


Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Karbon is a blade runner inspired RPG where the players are hunters of the program (behind the scenes power) dropped into RUSA (the Ruins of the USA) on old earth to eliminate escaped karbons (gene engineered copies). The catch: The hunter themselves may be karbons that have infiltrated the ranks of the program…