Vast, Cool, and Unsympathetic

Submitted for the 24 Hour Modus Operandi Challenge: The Wars of the Worlds between Earth and Mars is coming, and you’re the first Martian spies. Put the filthy bipeds in their place and find every weakness in the human scum.

This great War lies decades in the future. Perhaps the awful horrors of the Heat Ray and Black Smoke will never come to pass. And it’s up to you.

For you are the spies sent by Mars to pave the way for invasion. Martian scouts have cast themselves psychically cross the void of space, inhabiting random people in a small geographical area ? the centre of Victorian London. In their short time on Earth, the Martian interlopers must evaluate humanity’s possible defenses against Martian weapons and tactics.

This is a game for three players. Together, the group will play a hive of Martians sent to spy on Earth.


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