We Have the Technology

It is the distant future. Mankind is now extinct. The only intelligent life remaining is a committee of cyber-doplhins on Venus who have just perfected the process of creating artificial life in bio-factories. They are about to recreate the race of humans, but are fine-tuning the design by removing undesirable emotions. Players take on the role of androids programmed with fake emotions, trying to defend such emotions as Honour, Guilt and Humility from being erased forever.


This game is set in the distant future. The human race is extinct, and the only form of intelligent life left in the solar system is a committee of genetically engineered cyber-dolphins. They live in a tank in a domed city on Venus which was once populated by humans. They are hundreds of years old, and can remember the final years of human existence. They are served by selfrepairing robots, and have recently perfected a technique for creating life in bio-factories.

The dolphins remember that human emotion was the cause of the downfall of humanity. They are about to resurrect the human race, but they want to customise the range of human emotion to prevent another catastrophe. To analyse human emotions, they have built a group of androids who are programmed with artificial emotions. These are used to test out human emotions in various scenarios, and decide which emotions should be recreated, which destroyed.


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  1. infocyde Says:

    Creative setting.