Tapas: the Sampling

Tapas are small snacks or dishes served as appetizers or small dishes in between full courses. The word is Spanish, but the concept is similar to eating family style Chinese, or going through a Middle Eastern meal consisting exclusively of appetizers. In gaming, “tapas” means any small one-shot game using different characters, plots, storylines, and even game systems as compared to a regular long-running game or campaign, often played catch-as-catch-can with whoever can make it that evening.

Game Chef 26 Notes for Judges

This Game Chef 26 entry, in keeping with the popular culinary theme of the competition, consists of several such tapas; in this context, however, they serve as a sort of intermezzo for other, fuller and more complete entries. (Or should that be entr?es?) The Time theme this year did not sit as well with my muse as it has with others, so Judges, please consider Tapas: the Sampling as a complete game utilizing all available time ranges and selections from both packages of ingredients. If you feel the need to judge more harshly due to my not strictly following the instructions, feel free; but regardless, know that I present Tapas: the Sampling as a complete game consisting of minigames, as opposed to judging each individual dish on the full criteria.

Tapas: the Sampling was written at the last minute, in just under thirty-six hours, after nearly a full week of percolating.


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