SpellCaster is a magical and physical combat game for two or more players. Each player is represented by a Spell Caster, a warrior mage trained in the ways of combat and magic, skilled in powerful martial arts techniques and armed with a complete arsenal of spells. The goal is to defeat all others players and remain the last spell caster alive. SpellCaster uses ordinary playing cards, but is no ordinary card game as it combines hex/grid map strategy. Since the game uses poker cards, generic playing pieces and any plain hex or grid map it is easy to play and easy on the budget, unlike most any other collectible trading card game. SpellCaster uses a unique system of card combinations in preparing and casting spells.


  • Graph or hex game mat or paper for a playing field
  • One playing piece and one standard poker deck (52+Joker) for each player.


  • Shuffle: Players shuffle their decks. Remember to keep your Joker in the deck.
  • Burn Card: Draw the first card from your deck and place face-up next to your deck to create a discard pile.
  • Draw: Each player Draws a hand of seven cards.
  • Spell Preparation: Charge cards by placing them from your hand face down in front of you, creating prearranged spells if possible. You may refer to the spells list. You do not have to Prepare any spells, but you may not continue until your hand is reduced to five cards. (It is acceptable to achieve this by discarding two cards; it just is not a good strategy). This is a rare time when you may Charge more than one card, or even every card in your hand.
  • Initiative: Play high-card with your opponent, by drawing one card from the top of your deck and placing it to the front of your deck to create a MOVE card (do not discard). If your cards match, draw another card. This card determines player turn order and starting movement; high card goes first, low second. You may move your playing piece in any direction to a maximum number of spaces equal to your MOVE card’s CV.
  • Replenish: Draw enough to restore your hand to five cards before the first turn. It is the high card winner’s choice to place their piece first on the board, or second. The first turn begins after all players’ game pieces are in play.


3 Responses to “SpellCaster”

  1. Alltzan Says:

    This RPG game is very fun to play. I tested it with my brother and barely survived enough to win. We enjoyed it immensly and I recommend the download.

    Congratulations on a great game, I applaud it.

  2. kevlamin Says:

    great game cant wait till lesser arcana comes out i made a game sort of like this once but nowhere near as good highly recomended !)?!) or in other words 10/10 and ***** five star download it now if you havent allready

  3. ErrinF Says:

    Just downloaded this and am really looking forward to playtesting it. At first glance, it seems to be influenced by the MACE system, which works just fine for all involved. : )