Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat

Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat is a game of skirmish-based combat set in the Starcraft Universe. This game was created by Neuicon and Sean Daniels, and play-tested over a period of time. The rules are fun, exciting and very simple to understand. If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures or Star Wars Miniatures, then you should know what to expect.

In the near future, we’ll be releasing new Army Books, Scenario Booklets and more for you to play out and enjoy! Now go, fight on, to the bitter end in the name of victory!

01. Introduction
This game is about winning in the glorious future of the Starcraft Universe; you will command small bands or small armies of soldiers, machines, aliens and more into battle against enemies to totally obliterate them as you shoot them, engage into close combat with them, blow them up, and more in this game of total war and destruction.

The idea for Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat came from Neuicon and Sean Daniels in an attempt to create small battles on a tabletop, which meant that one could command forces of Terrans, Protoss and Zerg into battle and fight it out, without using hex grids or 1” grids; this game was meant to be played on regular 3-D terrain.

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8 Responses to “Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat”

  1. Pete Jones Says:

    Clearly written and as the author states based on the system by Star Wars Tabletop Miniatures Games. Thanks very much.

  2. darren Says:

    this game was fast furious and fun! it does run off the star wars game and brought starcraft to life when me and my friends played. i played as terrans and got slaughtered by the zerg twice before choosing protoss and finally winning. this game is a must-try! i look forward to more neuicon games.

  3. Website Directory - StarCraft Says:

    […] Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat – 1KM1KT […]

  4. Jeffbe Says:

    I just skimmed over the rules and they look pretty good, I think Ill have to get some friends over and give this game a try. I am personally a WH/WH40K kind of guy but this looks pretty good guys, and I look forward to future products if/when you have time to put them out.


  5. Cedric Says:

    Great job!

    Any chance of Descent stats for WoW minatures? (:

  6. Neuicon Says:

    Thanks, Cedric! A newer version of this game is set to be released soon, based on all the units from Starcraft II.

    As for WoW, keep a lookout, because it just may happen. ;)

  7. CounterFett Says:

    This is pretty good stuff. As and old-school d20 player, it all just fell into place when reading through these rules. Looking forward to playing.

  8. MATT Says:

    where can i get starcraft miniatures! not only does his game sound awesome but ive thought of some great ideas myself… however; it would be so much funner with real starcraft figurines please, where can I buy them???